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Make This For Me! - Poly Prints Custom Designs

Hello again everyone, welcome back to 3DPolyPosts!

This weeks blog post involves the process behind Custom Designs and how we process a request from a Customer. The go to guide to help you gain confidence in our Custom Printing services. 

Custom-Design-Poly-Prints-3DFigure 1 - Graphic of 3D Printing 

With 3D Printing it allows a range of designs to be made from our Bio-degradeable Plastic Materials in FDM and/or our High Precision UV Resin. The 3D Printing world has seen everything from Gaming Miniatures to a Lamborghini Aventador*. With that it allows that creative mind to potentially bring an idea to life, and that's a service we provide to help you have those items in reality.

This blog post is here to take you through how we do this, but if you already know what you us on our website or via social media.

Our Website

We have tried to encorporate as many channels to keep in touch with us as possible on our website to make these processes more streamlined. For example one of the first things you see on the Home Page is the "Make Me A Model!" Button. This alongside a few other buttons about the website redirects you to our Contact us Page

 Make-Me-A-3D-Custom-Model-Home-Page-Poly-PrintsFigure 2 - Home Page Section Example of Contact Button

This takes you to our Contact Page where you can fill out as much information as you like about the product you would like to work with us. This will be sent directly to our Customer Requests Email folder and replied to as quickly as we can.

Lets make a Model

So you have sent us a request and we have got back to you. We have 2 main avenues for processing these requests which factor in to pricing:

1. Print me MY Model - If you are a 3D Designer yourself and have created a custom 3D model, you can send us that file which we can then turn into a 3D Printable file to Print for you!

This option is perfect for Students who are working on 3D as it looks great to see something you made in a PC come to life. It also looks great during a presentation to show people. 

It also works well for anyone skilled with 3D Modeling but doesn't want to buy a 3D Printer. Most items make great little desk items to show to work colleagues and friends. 

2. Custom Design and Print this for me - If you dont have a 3D File and would like one created to then turn into a physical print, we are fully equipped to design these products for you.

The best option for business owners who want something unique and interesting to represent their brand, be it a physical 3D logo or a new product prototype. But also great for any customer who wants something personal to them. 

Make-Custom-3D-Print-Model-Graphic-Poly-PrintsFigure 3 - Graphic of Design to 3D Print

We also offer strictly confidential services which we would sign an NDA to keep our work between the customer and ourselves private and not available to the public eye. 

How much does it cost?

This is the one you are probably all wondering. Truth be told it really varies model to model, there are multiple factors which can contribute to pricing including size, material and paint. But we offer to give a fair affordable price per product.

However if you wish to consult us for 3D Design before a print, we have set hourly rates of £20/hour in which we will look to book appointments with the customer so we can dedicate that time slot completely to them. This includes services such as: Calls to discuss design, Constant chat over text/ messenger during time slot,  and email communication throughout the day discussing product design.

We are also trialing Discord as a form of live streaming 3D Modeling to customers for an additional personal experience (this is still in early test stage and isn't currently widely available).

Computer-Design-Poly-Prints-3D-PrintingFigure 4 - Graphic of Design

What can we do for you?

Well here is some Customer Case Study Images of successful Custom Designs and 3D Prints direct to them. 


Our most recent Custom Design which we did an entire blog post of how we did it - The Dungeons and Dragons Miniature. 


A Hand Painted Deadpool, also a progress shot for a customer. Currently halfway painted and adding some minor details with our trusty Acrylic Paints from Vallejo Game Color.


A Spaceship from the popular Space Simulator Game - Elite Dangerous. This was custom designed with a base to feature the logo of the game and make the Ship almost look like its floating with a singular back stand.


A custom design based on a Gong from the Massive Multiplayer Online Game World of Warcraft. Created in 3D to feature the game design but turn it into a Letter Stamp designed to be used with Ink or Wax. Printed in UV Resin and finished in a sealed Metallic Gold.


Another World of Warcraft Item for the same returning customer as the Letter Stamp. A Wall Mountable Troll Mask, all printed in UV Resin and Hand Painted in our Workshop. One of our favourite all time pieces we have worked on from design to finish!

There are many many more examples but those are a select few to possibly spark some ideas from people reading right now...yes maybe you!

Here is what a current Customer we are working with currently has to say about our Custom Printing Services:

Poly Prints is efficient, consistent and reliable. I had a relatively small project designing some small tokens for a card game. Poly prints was flexible they understood my funds were small so they booked me in weekly for design slots which helped me spread the costs out.
Would definitely recommend you use there services for designing whatever you have in mind. They help with any design problems if you run into any issues. - Stefan R. 

We are currently working with Stefan on a Custom Token Set of Designs for a popular card game called Cardfight Vanguard. Stefan wants to bring a easier way to play the game with visuals via Gaming Tokens rather than dice gameplay, it could be brilliant for their community. 

Like What You See!? 

After all this reading you must be interested!

Get in contact with us today and our team will run you through any questions or concerns you may have about a design. We also offer FREE Quotations on any Custom Designs before any work has been processed, so you need not worry about payment until you are 100% sure you want to go through with an order.

If this post has helped you in any way, we would really appreciate any feedback you have in a review of our service. On Facebook or TrustPilot.

Want to see more? : Subscribe to 3DPolyPosts by Email, Like our Facebook, or follow us on Instagram @3DPolyPrints.

Thank you and until next time, Happy Printing!

*Before anyone asks we dont print Lamborghini's in our spare time...yet 😂


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