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The World of 3D - 3D Scanning with the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+

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3D Scanning with the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+


Samsung introduced its latest in the series of Galaxy Note phones last week with the Note 10 and 10+. 

You might now be thinking...but what's this got to do with Poly Prints? Well, this phone has a built in application capable of 3D Scanning.

3D Scanning allows you to take a 360 recording of a object, which once complete will translate that into a digital 3D Model which can in turn be used for 3D Printing. How crazy is that!

It is apparent that technology sees the power of 3D and the future it holds in many industries, Samsung are making a groundbreaking step to bring something that is usually expensive standalone technology to your phone making it accessible to anyone. 

See the video of Samsung introducing the 3D Scanning capabilities:

Here at Poly Prints we can use the items you scan with the Note 10+ to 3D Print and send to you as a physical object, it truly is a great piece of kit. We hope this technology becomes a regular on all future phones to build a growth in 3D Printing of Scanned Customer Products.

Seen enough to want your own? Check out Samsung's website for more information.

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