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Welcome to 3DPolyPosts - The 3D Printing Blog


3DPolyPosts - A 3D Printing Blog offering you a inside look on how we do things here at Poly Prints 3D and the latest news about the world of 3D Printing.

From our recent customer and Facebook Page Poll it was a victory for wanting to see more of what we do behind the scenes to give everyone a great understanding of the products we make and what we can do for you.

To start we are creating this blog, 3DPolyPosts will look to cover a mixture of how we make certain products from Lithophanes to Resin Reindeers. Offering a in depth exclusive look into our world and how 3D Printing works. 

Also we will aim to bring you weekly hot topics of the 3D Printing outside World, this may be articles recently in the news, upcoming technologies, or What 3D Printing is used for in Major Companies today.

We will look in the future (don't quote us on this just yet!) to create a informational Youtube Channel or Podcast to bring you some great information on the 3D Printing Community.

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Happy Printing!

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